Doom 3?

With the countless games available in the industry and the world today, it is amazing how other games could single itself out of the crowd in the best ways possible. The nostalgic brand of Doom is undeniably one of the games that have etched itself deep in the gaming industry and there?s certainly no doubt that its fame and glory knows no bounds. Eternal Game List has always been infatuated with the game and with the advent of the Doom for PC especially its latest Doom 3, many individuals and groups have truly been captivated by it in a skip of a beat.

Comparing Doom 3 with other of its Doom for PC predecessors will undeniably lead to amazement on just how different it is to them. This is one of the most fantastic characteristics of the game as it sets itself apart from its predecessors ? creating a new iconic identity that will refresh gamers? minds just why this title has made its way to the upper ranks of the industry and stayed there for years and even decade. Still, one thing that the game has kept for itself even with its innovation is the fact that it still never failed to make an incomparable impression to gamers right from the start.

The game uses an unmatchable and phenomenal 3D Graphics Engine combined with surround-sound of 6 channels. It is also integrated with over-the-top physics that completes the realistic environment of the game, topped with an astronomical dynamic lighting with real-time capability that imbues the game with a more convincing, horrific vibe than any other game you may have already encountered. This game with just its qualities alone will leave you shivering in fear and cowering from the hellish minions that have invaded Mars.

Yes, the game revolves around the invasion of Hellish Monsters and it is up to you, one of the few survivors of the invasion, to save it. Though the odds are against you, this first-person shooter game will undeniably allow you to conquer your enemies with unbelievable adrenaline and frenzy. Uncover and explore the world of Doom 3 in this amazing Doom for PC game and be amazed, captivated, horrified and terrified all at the same time in the roller coaster ride which this stunning game of all time will serve you with.