The competition inside the gaming industry has never been so tight and packed than ever, with new games coming in within months and years. Games are also only getting better and better as they become more insanely addictive with immersive plotlines and graphics that will totally blow you away. One of the games that have truly revolutionized gaming with its over-the-top open world system is the Skyrim Video game which is the latest addition to the ever-popular game of Elder Scrolls. Eternal Game List has also been hooked to it and with this review, you?ll find out what this game is really all about.

The Elder Scrolls has always been a game that never failed to excite and amaze gamers from start to finish. This is even truer with their Skyrim Video Game that opened new doors for innovation with its open-world system that exceeded any other open world games you may have already encountered. If you have been an Elder Scrolls follower, this game is certainly something you?re not new to as it is just the place above the Oblivion. The game plays in a medieval setup, allowing gamers to immerse in an epic environment that will surely keep your blood pumping right off the bat.

The game?s introduction is incredibly brief, but with it alone, it is easy to conclude that you?ll have a great experience all throughout the duration of playing the game. In the game, Skyrim was currently facing fierce revolts and your character is one of people who were captured and was already judged with a death sentence. However, with dragons showing up, everything will scramble, you?ll get to play the game and end up outside a cave that?s estimated to be tens of kilometers away from your original position.

From then on, you?ll be free to roam the world and find out what the game has in store for its players yourself. This is undeniably one of the more enticing parts of Skyrim as it provides a mysterious vibe that will just make you wonder just how vast it could be. Not to mention, you?ll have cool skills, magic and equipment to boot ? making your adventure to glory and triumph even more addictive than ever. With its glorious graphics, immersive plotline, unrivaled open world freedom, stunning balance and more ? it is easy to conclude that Skyrim Video game is undeniably one of the most phenomenal open world game in the industry that will forever be remembered for times to come with its pivotal innovation.