First person shooter games have continued to make hits and raves across the industry as it remains to be one of the most popular forms of gaming today. Famous titles have been conceived in this category and there?s simply no shred of doubt that the honor of being one of these titles fall upon the Titanfall video. Though the first game may have had a bitter sweet experience, it has undeniably underwent a drastic improvement in public recognition as the second Titanfall on pc and other consoles such as Xbox One and PS4 have finally arrived in the industry. Players using their personal computers were undeniably wild with joy as they experience the rocking and mind-blowing action served by this frenzied, fast-paced game and Eternal Game List is undeniably one of the satisfied players of this game.

The predecessors of the second Titanfall on PC have unquestionably had a rough start especially as it entered the market at a time where competition is tough and critics were at its peak. With flaws lurking its interiors, there was no surprise how it earned a bit of a bad reputation when it was released. Still, the Titanfall 2 is absolutely redeeming and worthy to wipe the slate clean for the Respawn Developing Company. Of course, its predecessors already had amazing graphics and overall gameplay back in the days, but it has certainly experienced a serious boost since then.

You?ll surely enjoy hitting enemies as they show up at the center of your dot sights, but what you?ll surely enjoy more is reveling on the unique and phenomenal 3D and Kinetic system of the game, which makes it possible to feature realistic action of zip lining, doing parkour and hitting enemies in a melee combat that no regular first-person shooting game would surely be able to provide you with. These outstanding features alone is surely enough to earn the game critical acclaims and obtain a top spot in the market in our modern days.

However, the greatness of the Titanfall doesn?t stop there as the myriad positive game reviews it has received was also contributed by its immense amount of in-game features that will surely provide gamers with hours and hours of exciting gaming experience. You?ll never get tired of playing the game with its intense environment topped with a plethora of weapons to aim and choose from. There are even many ways to approach your assassination of the enemy at hand, giving it the beauty of freedom that?s highly raved from open-world gaming systems.

Though when compared to famous FPS games such as Call of Duty and Battlefield, the game may seem a bit lackluster when it comes to popularity, by no means does it fail when it comes to gameplay. However, even with its outstanding gameplay that makes it on par with this giant games of the industry, only time could tell if this second Titanfall on PC will finally reach its deserved greatness, or will it manage to fail to retain its players just like its predecessors. Regardless, the epic quality of the game will remain unchanged and this alone is worthy enough for anyone to give it a shot.