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A PC game or Personal Computer Video Game is played on a PC instead of a console. The video game is controlled by specific PC input devices, for instance, a keyboard, joystick, mouse, etc. PC games can be enjoyed with or without connection to the internet. They have been around since the introduction to computers, and a large number of games are available for the PC platform. As you delve into our Eternal Gamelist site, you will be met with an abundance of PC gaming information on multiple subjects. Take the time to enjoy all we provide as we are sure it will help you in your endeavour to find the perfect game for you.

How To Play PC Games

Most PC games need specific computer hardware and software requirements to function. In most cases, to fully enjoy the latest games, the computer's sound card, graphics card, power supply, operating system and even the processor may require an upgrade to the latest video game specifications. For new users, it will help to understand the jargon used in gaming and computer terminologies. With the arrival of the internet, PC games have also become available online, allowing multiple players to play against each other or play together. Here at Eternal Gamelist, we provide the latest technology news and provide our readers with the most up to date features for the PC gaming world.

Game Reviews PC

Computer games today are loaded with action and there are a variety of different genres or categories to games. However, several games can be part of more than one category. For instance, a cricket game can be considered a sports game and a simulation game at the same time. We cover a broad selection of games in our PC game reviews and include interesting information about each, what their benefits are when playing, what to look for, and where to find these games. This includes:

MMO - Massive Multiplier Online, which games are played via the internet of over a LAN (local area network). Players interact with others in the virtual game room, and you can play against anyone from around the world and are popular for many reasons, especially those who like the interaction of multi-player gameplay.

Simulations is another style of game. These provide the ability to take control of real world aircraft, ships, and tanks. You will learn the controls to these vehicles by using simulation games. These

types of games are also used to train professionals such as pilots. Adventure games, also popular, are mainly single player games and often set in adventure or fantasy worlds. To advance levels, you will need to complete certain puzzles. The game normally introduces your character and gives a brief description of your quest.

Real-Time Strategy games usually require you to build up your armies and inventory of items. RTS games move in real-time, like a strategy game and players can play together at the same time without the need to take turns. Puzzle games are targeted at those who enjoys solving challenging puzzles. There are several different levels from beginner to expert, and most games have simple actions and colored shapes. These are considered brain games and has no action involved.

Action/Adventure games are often sought after and are fast-paced requiring you to be quick with excellent reflexes. As you play, you complete different challenges by fighting against enemies and using a character of your choice to act on your behalf. The same applies to First Person Shooter games, but are viewed through your eyes, and you are the protagonist. They involve extremely good reflexes and action packed with only the top half of your weapons displayed on the screen to aim at other enemies or players.

We also feature Sport based games such as soccer, baseball, basketball, and others. Playing these allow you to move up the various levels as your game starts mimicking how real professional athletes move. And for those who love fantasy based PC Games, you will fall in love with role-playing games. You get to act and make decisions for the main character that go along with the storyline of the game. Most of these games provide narrative guides. We also want to include reviews on online casinos and casino games, as they turned out to be of great relevance to the gaming audience. Online casinos conquered the market by providing an abundance of casino games, bonuses, and quick payouts. Drake casino is one of those sites, and you can click here for more information. You will be one step ahead in free gambling for real money prizes.

P.C. Video Game Controllers

The keyboard and mouse will always be the first choice when playing PC games. However, some games are better suited for a controller. The more console games become available on a PC, the more sense it makes to have the right controller on-hand. But which gaming controller will work best for your PC needs? Well, this would depend on each individual player and the types of games you enjoy the most. There are many controllers to choose from that have been tested and reviewed by our experts. This ranges from the latest keyboards to the most recommended accessories for your gaming pleasure, which has all been covered by Eternal Gamelist.

PC Gaming Headsets

Audio effects play a huge role in the overall gaming experience you have. Brilliant sound effects and music can set the mood, alert us to danger and immerse us into the story. A great gaming headset consists of three pillars including comfort, quality, and mic clarity, making a quality headset a vital part to an ideal gaming experience. Take the time to read our reviews, as they could very well impact the quality of your gaming as a result.